Current Projects

How will your donations be spent? World Water Crisis will continually review new and existing initiatives across the world.

Our current projects are:


We will fund drilling equipment to deliver a clean and sustainable water supply to benefiting communities with populations of over one million.


Working in partnership with Bio2Pure® we will fund the treatment of 200 contaminated lakes that feed the Yamuna river. The Yamuna river is a main water supply for agriculture supporting over 7,000 farmers. The treatment will improve the quality and quantity of their yields.


Working in partnership with Clean Water Wave we will fund the purification of treated lakes to produce drinking water accessible by millions of people. This work will commence once the initial water treatment process is completed.


Working in partnership with FSI Worldwide we will fund the necessary work to provide clean sustainable water supplies to remote villages as well as deliver internet hubs.

Disaster Allocation

Our focus on water, sanitation and hygiene is not limited to discrete geographical projects. We are uniquely positioned through our Disaster Allocation initiative to respond to any natural disaster that may occur in the world. The accessibility of our technology means we can immediately deploy lifesaving resources to the affected area and protect vulnerable communities. Our mission has become all the more important due to the impact of COVID-19. Many communities lack access to the most important tool in the fight against COVID-19: clean water. As we all know washing our hands is key in battling the spread of COVID-19. However this is impossible without a clean accessible water supply and hand washing facilities. As a result millions of individuals, in some of the poorest countries in the world have an ever increasing risk of contracting coronavirus. At this time of global crisis our mission to delivering safe clean water has never been more relevant, and your support has never been more vital.